The Delicious Flavors of Mandel Bread

24Food is incredible and ever so often the focus of our lives. From a regular meal to a celebration, food has the potential to bring together families and friends in a special way. If you love food and love to eat you ought to try mandel bread. Also known as Jewish biscotti, it’s a little sweet and crispy but not rocky. It’s twice baked and simply delicious. A staple in many Jewish households for decades, this is the perfect as a dessert, snack or even a nibble after midnight.

The original bread recipe

The secret recipe for mandel bread has been passed down for generations. There are many variations of the original recipe. If you don’t have the time to bake, you can always buy online as well. There are some fantastic varieties so you aren’t going to stop at just one type of bread. You can buy Jewish bread online that includes the original recipe, which is all-natural, kosher, and pareve/non-dairy. It’s baked with Belgian chocolate bits and laced with almonds, pecans, raisins, cherries and other delicious goodies. If you are looking for an Old World treat, this is one type of Jewish bread you can’t afford to miss.

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Have Delicious Food While On Board

23No doubt the Railways has made provision to meet this requirement of the passengers also, and therefore in many long route trains, it has attached pantry car. During the journey of the long route, the food is prepared in pantry car and provided to the passengers, however, many a times there are questions raised about the quality as well as the taste of meal. In many long route trains also, the Railways is not able to have a pantry car, and in such cases, it becomes very difficult for the long route passengers of the railway to have meal. To end this problem, there is a new service started by the railway in collaboration with some private entrepreneurs who can supply food to the passengers while they are still in the journey.

How It Works?

The service is very easy. The passenger needs to visit the website of the supplier and check the options. Then select whatever he prefers. There are a number of options provided to him such as Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian. In a vegetarian also, there are various options such as Punjabi, Gujarati, Rajasthani, Indian, South Indian and other snacks. Once the food is selected, the passenger needs to provide some of his details such as PNR number and contact details as well as the station where he wants to receive the parcel. There is another way also where one can simply call on the customer care number of the food supplier and order the food.

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Healthy Fast Food in Dubai

22The New Year is here and it is time to get healthy. Gone is the year of fast, greasy, and unhealthy food. New Year’s resolutions seem cliche but they really work if there is a plan and that plan is followed-through. My plan is to eat food that is good for my health.

Last month I received an amazing gift as my family gave me a multi-cooker. They said that I was eating out too often and wanted to see me prepare food at home. They also got me a recipe book to go with it. As I was browsing the book I realized that this cooker will make food that is good for my health. Not only that, the food looks delicious. The multi-cooker fits in my plan to eat a healthier diet.

My plan begins with making a grocery list at the beginning of the week. I will only purchase food that I like and that is considered healthy. Part of that grocery list should be food from a recipe in my new cook book. If I make plans ahead of time, I am more likely to go through with them and thus fulfil my New Year’s resolution. While grocery shopping I resolve to stay away from the junk food aisle because that food is not good for my health. Finally, in my plan to eat food that is good for my health, I will use my multi-cooker at least three days a week with the eventual goal of using it five days a week. This seems like a reasonable plan to stay on track and keep my promise to myself and my family to eat healthier.

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Where to Find Rajasthani Food in Delhi?

21You must wonder sometimes, about this huge, larger than life food culture of India. It isn’t to one man’s credit that in a plate you call for in India will find red hot pickles, multi colored salad, vegetables drowned in a thick rich brown sauce, white rice puffed and steamed to perfection, lentils cooked in clarified butter, garlic and liberally sprinkled with coriander and sticky sweet rice the color of the crimson sun when it sets, to end your meal on a sweeter note. While looking for Rajasthani Food in Delhi, just keep your eyes open for the place that echoes in music tunes, the rustle of fabric rich in mirror-work, and the beautiful fragrance of sweet and sugary desserts wafting through open windows.

Delhi is a culinary delight for all those who have a healthy and voracious appetite to wolf down the kind of food that promises a kind of satiety only rich food can. The lanes are crowded with a variety of foodstuffs that can tear down all your defenses! Be it stuffed Indian flat breads, savory pastries filled with spicy vegetables or meat, or cool lemon sodas to wash the food down with, all you need to do is eat!

While you are in Delhi, lost in the sights and smells of delicious food that dress up the breeze, you must absolutely go ahead and try Rajasthani Food in Delhi. Rajasthan is one of the cities that prides itself it it love of food and hospitality. A plate loaded with Rajasthani specialties that are most likely to take your heart away at sight, you are bound to fall in love with the spread. A cuisine highly inspired by the climate extremities, Rajasthani food is loaded with butter to keep the cold away and also makes a lot of use of curds to keep the heat down. Vegetables prepared in sour curd, lentils cooked in fiery spices and served with crisp flat bread to tone down the heat, plus an Indian variation of pudding made with a generous dose of nuts and clarified butter will leave you insanely happy about probably one of the best meals you have had for ages!

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Passion Orange Guava Juice Drink The Deliciousness

18Many thanks to Mary Soon who invented the POG drink in the year 1971. Well, POG drink is the mixture of three fruits which are Passion fruit, orange fruit, and guava fruit. You can also make yourself a glass of delicious Passion Orange Guava juice at your home by juicing all these amazing fruits. You are required to use 2 portions of passion drink and guava juice, and 1 portion of orange juice. Mix them well and serve with a wedge of lime on the rim of the glass. You can also make a cocktail by adding rum or vodka in the POG drink, which is surely a treat for the cocktail lovers.

POG juice is very common in Hawaii and you will find the cabin crews serving the POG juice to their passengers in the flights going to Hawaii. Further, nearly all the restaurants and bars in Hawaii serve this delicious drink in their own way.

Now with the help of the internet, you can order POG drink to your doorsteps effortlessly. This mouth watering juice is available over the web at inexpensive prices with free shipping benefit.

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